Established in 1911, J.J. Hat Center ® is New York’s oldest hat shop. For over one hundred years, we are offering excellent customer service and expert advice to help all our customers find a hat that suits their individual style. We strive to make your hat buying experience memorable and enjoyable while providing you with New York City's biggest selection of head-wear, with over 10,000 high-quality and responsibly sourced hats in stock at all times. Whether you are visiting our store, or are interested in purchasing a hat from afar, our expert staff is always available to answer any questions.


Thank you for a wonderful Summer

Thank you to Sam, our high school intern.
He is approaching the 1st year anniversary at JJ Hat Center.

We also thank our summer students and graduates from
Fashion Institute of Technology FIT.

As the renovation continues, the
JJ Hat Center letters got repainted.


And we had new shelves installed:


And a big Thank You to all customers, old and new,
for a wonderful Summer season so far.


Youngest Hat Model & JJ Hats

Here is our youngest "Hat Model",

he took possession of Grandpa's hat:

That is #GrandpaCore at its best ...

plundering Grandpa's closet.

And following please find a few pictures

of JJ Hats available exclusively in-store:



















Looking forward to welcoming you at

310 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10001


New window display

and the customer experience we are aiming for: 



The Summer travel season is nearing.
Are you going to Europe, or Asia,
or are you staying on this beautiful continent?
If we may, we would like to provide you with
stylish, protective headwear. 
For example the Traveller Panama 10 by JJ Hats:


with reinforced crown


to last longer.

Or the Ava Cotton Protective Sun Hat by Stetson:


Or the Packable Crochet Straw Hat by Borsalino:




And if you are coming to NY,

we are looking forward to welcome you at

JJ Hat Center ®
310 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10001

where you can see - and try - many more.


Thank you!

To all customers, gentlemen and gentlewomen,
of all ages, from NYC, the Americas, and
around the globe:

Thank you to All!


Father's Day

June 16 is Fathers' Day.
If you do not have a present yet,
following, please, find a few suggestions.
For the lover of convertibles and alike
a cap from finest Nappa leather:
maybe with matching Nappa leather gloves:


Or a Driver Cap in Vichy Cashmere/Silk by JJ Hats:
Or a Herringbone Silk Driver Flat Cap by Stetson:

There are many more Summer hats, caps, scarves, and bandanas in-store.
To all fathers, sons and daughters, have a lovely Fathers' Day next Sunday!


Tribeca Film Festival

More here:

Hats have been fundamental in movies.

From Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton,


to Peaky Blinders (starts shooting 9/2024).

In time for the festival we restocked our shelves with fashionable, stylish Summer headwear, in finest silk, linen, straw, viscose, ...


Wishing all attendees a wonderful time in the city!

Stanford Students at JJ Hat Center

Wednesday, we had the pleasure of hosting Professor Steven J. Zipperstein of Stanford University with some of his students.
They enjoyed their visit:
And we thank Professor Zipperstein and his students for their interest, politeness, and their purchases.

Customers with new hats

Occasionally, customers take pictures with new hats.
Or, if one of our photography people is around,
we take them, like the ones below.
Related we recommend, you see and listen to Elvis Costello.
He will be performing with Daryl Hall at Radio City Music Hall
In case you want NYC style comedy
(not for everyone!), see Dice Clay 
Thank you for your patronage

Balancing Fashion & Style

One of the pleasures at JJ Hat Center is the variety of customers, and their needs and wants.

Your choice of headwear might be a an expression of your style.

Or it might be a fashionable addition to your wardrobe.

Or you might be looking for protection from the cold, the rain, the sun.

We gladly provide all, along with humble advice, if so desired.

And quite a few NYC and American companies and media look to JJ Hat Center for advice on both, style and fashion, like the NYT, Inside Edition; as well as Broadway,  Opera and Movie productions. 

Thank you all for your patronage and business.

Summer Silk, Linen, Nappa and more

Finally, Monday it was above 60°F.

In time, we filled our shelves with stylish goods of finest silk

dark red



and soft Nappa leather.


All perfect for the season.

And JJ Hats for summer. 


Spring / Summer 2024 around the corner

You can start the upcoming season, with one of the most prestigious, luxurious, top line Panama hats.

Some call these Montechristi, they sell out extremely fast.

For you we reserved eight (8) Prestige Panama Bogart hats:


These hats are handmade, of Montecristi Panama straw of the finest quality, with more than 30 weaves per inch. The weaving is flawless.

This summer hat with a classic black grosgrain band, and a comfortably thin sweatband is featherlight.

This artisanal hat protects you against the sun.

And it is a unique addition to your wardrobe.

You can get your size in-store only,


310 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10001

More new Spring/Summer headwear is on the way for Mid-March.


Famous women wearing hats / Women's History Month
For decades famous, successful women have been wearing, what many consider, men's hats.

Women like Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Diane Keaton, Rhianna, Zoe Kravitz, Tyra Banks, Lauryn Hill, Beyonce, etc.

You can find examples here:

Come celebrate Women's History Month in style, with us, at:

JJ Hat Center
310 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10001 


Happy Presidents Day:
Our presidents are famous for wearing hats.
Abraham Lincoln's famous top hat is out of fashion.
More contemporary, fashionable hats and caps, 
and wool knits - perfect for current snowy Winter conditions -  
you will find at 
310 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10001
Celebrate warm, celebrate in style!


New Year, New Look

We unveiled our new JJ Hats store-front sign. 


JJ Hat Center on the screen and stage

As a New York hat company, we are privileged to have the Metropolitan Opera as customers of ours.

If you are in town, please visit The Metropolitan Opera at Broadway and Lincoln Square. The performances are unforgettable, and make memories of a lifetime.

Recently, we are also honored to have our hats on stage on Broadway, used in the musicals "Girl From The North Country" and "MJ: The Musical", as well as on the sets of recent film/TV productions "Bupkis", "Dutchman" and "The Marvelous Mrs Maisel".

Extended opening hours on Sundays

As of Sunday, November 26th, our Fifth Avenue store will be open from 12pm - 6pm. We look forward to welcoming you though our doors.

Welcoming Sam on Sundays - November 2023

Today, Sunday, November 12th, our summer intern 2023, Sam, a 4th generation hat lover, starts as a paid intern on Sundays.

Tip of the hat, Sam, for starting early in life.

One of the current owners started his career as a University intern at the 1st Stetson store.


The New York Times

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The Blacklist (TV Show)

Season 1 Episode 2


JJ Hat Center has had a long standing relationship with the successful TV show "The Blacklist". Not only did the store provide hats for each season, it also featured in an episode with our very own staff member, Roderick (left), starring in the show alongside James Spader (right).



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Sister Mag

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Hat Size Guide
Using a tape measure, measure the widest part of your head (just above the ears and eyebrows) to the nearest 1/8th of an inch.
If you have not purchased a new hat recently, please remeasure your head, as sizes may change depending on hair style, weight loss/gain, and age.
Please also keep in mind that hat sizes vary depending on the manufacturer.

If you are in between hat sizes, try our cork sizing to make adjustments.


size guide


How do I measure my glove size?

Your glove size is measured with a flexible measuring tape. Measure around your dominant hand at the broadest point, excluding the thumb. Below you find an overview of the different sizes for women and men.


Circumference in cm 15 15,5 16 16,5 17 18 19 20,5 22 23 24 26 27
Size 4 4,5 5 5,5 6 6,5 7 7,5 8 8,5 9 9,5 10
Children S M M L L XL XL - - - - - -
Women - XS XS S S M M L L XL XL - -
Men - - - - - - S S M M L L XL
If you have a question, please email us